For all AV and IT hardware in your daily life. At the office or at home.

ATEN provides management solutions for any IT setup, which allow computers or servers to be managed locally and remotely, within a closed circuit or from any location over IP. Eliminate cable clutter, optimize data security, improve asset management and take advantage of ergonomic style and advanced functionality with the wide range of Aten KVM solutions.

  • Rack KVM switches
  • Cable KVM switches
  • Desktop KVM switches
  • Multi-view KVM control center
  • Cat 5e/6 LCD KVM switches and LCD KVM switches
  • KVM over IP control units
  • Secure Desktop KVM switches
  • HDBaseT KVM extenders
  • Optical KVM extenders

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ATEN provides centralized and distributed management solutions for government and enterprise-sized IT setups. The brand allows computers and servers to be managed in a secure and redundant way, both locally or remotely, from multiple local networks or from any location over IP.

  • Cat5E KVM switches
  • KVM over IP switches
  • KVM over IP extenders
  • Serial over IP console servers
  • GbE managed switches
  • Management software

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Experience KVM over IP online 24/7:

Switch, split and extend high quality content over any interface, over short and long distances without being bound by system or software requirements. Are you looking for the ultimate switchboard-, meetingroom- or videowallsolution? Have a look at the premium Aten-products, easily managed with the Aten Control System Software, including Mobile App, Database Generator, ControlAssist and Configurator Software.

  • AV mixers for live-streaming
  • Seamless matrix and videowall switches
  • Modular matrix and videowall switches
  • Video matrix switches
  • Video switches
  • Video Extenders: Cable, Wireless, HDBaseT, Ethernet, Over IP & Optical
  • Hardware controllers
  • Video presentation switches
  • Streaming presentations switchers
  • Video splitters

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Real-time energy management is key to maximizing efficiency, saving costs and detecting security issues at the roots. Aten offers a wide range in rack PDUs, professional Online PDU’s, as well as an intuitive GUI which will make life a whole lot easier.

  • Professional online UPS
  • Basic PDU's
  • PDU's with surge protection
  • Metered PDU's
  • Metered and switched PDU's
  • Sensors

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Aten offers a wide range of high quality cable and connectivity solutions, from docking stations, USB and ethernet extenders, to USB video capture devices, converters and fiber optical cables.

  • Content creation
  • Docking stations
  • Docking switches
  • Peripheral switches
  • USB-Extenders and converters
  • Cables

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Become ATEN certified!

With over 450 products, ATEN is a hardware specialist in connectivity solutions. With solutions fit for any industry and organisation type, ATEN organizes introduction and advanced trainings for installers to specialize in any desired application or industry.

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