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    Advice and support for your customers


    Heads-up on end of contract date


    Decide for yourself whether to extend, prolong or terminate particular packages

    Vendor Support Services at Copaco

    With Vendor Support Services at Copaco you can always be sure of maximum support and advice when it comes to warranty extensions, prolongation, customised contracts and installation packs. In this way you can maximise the opportunities in IT solutions and limit unplanned downtime for your customers as much as possible.

    This is what you can count on, as a Vendor Support Services partner at Copaco:

    Customisation: advice and support for your customers

    Proactive: heads-up on end of contract date in plenty of time

    Control: decide for yourself whether to extend, prolong or terminate particular packages

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    White paper: ‘How to Mitigate Unplanned Downtime of IT Systems’

    In this free white paper ‘How to Mitigate Unplanned Downtime of IT Systems’ you’ll read about what a service contract entails and how an organization can use it to limit downtime. This whitepaper offers insight in the importance of contract management for organizations’ ICT systems. You’ll also get to know how a specialized service provider can offer support in this.

    Request the white paper for free and we’ll send it to your mailbox!

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    Our Vendor Support Services

    Support packs

    Support Packs

    A permanently reliable IT environment

    Using the Support Packs at Copaco you can provide your customers with a permanently reliable IT environment. It will also be easy for you to both extend and improve the warranty on the products you sell. The appropriate packs are available for just about all IT solutions: ranging from devices and workplaces to entire datacenter solutions. In addition it is possible to choose different service levels and durations. Support packs are always prepaid and based on a specific duration. That means you know exactly what to expect.

    The benefits of Copaco’s Support Packs:

    Simple to sell

    Attractive profit margin

    Help in registration and activation

    Different options for prolongation

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    Contractual services

    Contractual Services

    Contractual Services from Copaco are customised maintenance contracts. These allow you to offer your customers more flexibility and you can agree a full contract on an extensive IT environment. Thanks to Contractual Services from Copaco you retain full control. This means that, if you wish, you can pay in instalments, and meanwhile extend, prolong or even terminate your package. In addition it is possible to agree multi-vendor contracts, allowing you to combine solutions from different brands in a single contract.

    The fact that we always inform you at least two months before your contract expires means you are guaranteed continuity in support. We will also look into the details of the contract. Does the service level still satisfy the needs of the end user, for example? Or should other aspects still be added or removed? This still leaves you plenty of time to evaluate this for yourself.

    We will of course submit quotations on time and ensure that these are followed up, bought in and delivered. Copaco takes care of your entire contract management process. The benefits of Copaco’s Contractual Services:

    Specialists with years of experience

    Advice and commercial support

    Contract management

    Proactive renewal notifications

    Utilisation of every sales opportunity

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    Installation packs

    Installation Packs

    Always sure of the best quality

    Using Installation Packs from Copaco your customer can be assured of the highest quality in hardware and software. These standard services have a fixed low price and are conducted by certified technicians. This means that the product performance is optimised. For more extensive products we develop customised Statements of Work.

    Many of these technical activities can be carried out by our experienced and certified professionals on your behalf. We will agree the planning and any additional activities with you quickly and directly.

    The benefits of Copaco’s Installation Packs:

    Costs are always known beforehand

    Guaranteed quality

    Flexible deployment of Copaco Technical Services professionals

    Complementary to your own services

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    Copaco, your partner in Vendor Support Services

    With Vendor Support Services at Copaco you can always be sure of the best support and advice when it comes to warranty extensions, customised contractual work and prolongations. We look out for your needs, focus on solutions and offer help in challenging electronic processes. In this way you will achieve the maximum result with the minimum effort. You can keep your customers happy and your margins attractive.

    Keen to know what else Copaco Vendor Support Services can do for you? Get in touch now or send us your details and we will be happy to get back to you.

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