How do you keep the cloud secure?
Placed date 20-04-2022
Cloud applications are extremely convenient. They are available everywhere on any device; ideal for working at home too. More and more organisations are therefore moving (part of) their data to the cloud. However, threats specifically aimed at the cloud and SaaS are also increasing.
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SonicWall: Secure homeworking
Placed date 05-04-2022
Working from home because of corona has taken almost everyone by surprise. Suddenly, companies had to share their data with employees who were not in the office. Unfortunately, what often turns out to be the case in such hurried situations is that not enough attention is paid to security.
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Microsoft Azure AD: the six critical recovery issues
Placed date 16-12-2020
A complete backup and recovery of Active Directory (AD) is essential for any organization today. After all, no one is safe from data breaches or human error.
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