Server and Data Centre SSDs – Fast and Reliable Storage for Enterprise
Geplaatst op 09-04-2021
Kingston server SSD products directly support the global demand to store, manage and instantly access large volumes of data in both traditional databases and Big Data infrastructures. Data center architects design performance targets for a wide range of systems, while maintaining flexibility for different workloads. Various data applications may require a range of storage to meet a variety of system specifications and workload demands. Kingston server enterprise-grade SSDs help to manage workloads such as AI, machine learning, big data analytics, cloud computing, operational databases (ODB), database applications, and data warehousing.
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Samsung Storage full size SD cards.
Geplaatst op 06-04-2021
Rely on an SD card from a world-renowned memory card brand. Add extra storage space to all the devices you use every day, including DSLR and mirrorless cameras, PCs and more. In fact, it's fast enough to support 4K and FHD video.
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Trade-in promotion: exchange current cameras for Mobotix!
Geplaatst op 06-04-2021
The wishes and requirements for a camera system have changed considerably in recent years. New systems on the market are affordable and bring the innovation that the end customer is waiting for. However, many end customers still have old camera installations. Sometimes with undesirable bad images as the end result. Time for change!
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The new Thule Chasm collection.
Geplaatst op 26-03-2021
The Thule brand was born in 1942. With the motto Bring your life, Thule offers a wide range of quality products for active people around the world to carry everything of value in a safe, convenient and stylish way. Thule designs and manufactures roof racks and roof boxes; racks for bike, water and winter gear; bags for laptops and cameras; sports bags and backpacks for hiking; and products for kids, such as baby joggers, bike seats and bike trailers. The products are sold in more than 140 countries worldwide.
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New at Copaco - Foxit
Geplaatst op 19-03-2021
The PDF solutions by Foxit Software are now also available at Copaco.
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Veeam Cloud Connect, remote backup and replicate virtual machines
Geplaatst op 09-03-2021
Companies that store all data in one physical location (including backup) run an unnecessary risk of data loss. A fire, theft (ransomware) and simple mistakes by staff can cause everything to be lost.
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Geplaatst op 29-01-2021
Thanks to all voters for this great recognition. We are very happy and this pushes us to do even better!
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Introducing Surface Pro 7+
Geplaatst op 21-01-2021
Discover the new Surface Pro 7+ with the new 11th generation Intel processors and new devices supporting LTE. Experience faster multitasking, more unplugged power, and greater connectivity.
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On Demand Recovery offers extensive recovery and backup capabilities
Geplaatst op 19-12-2020
As organizations move more and more towards the cloud, the complexity surrounding AD recovery increases. It is important to understand how the built-in backup and recovery capabilities of Azure AD differ from those in an on-premise AD environment.
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Copaco VMware Cloud expanded with the “Site Redundant solution”
Geplaatst op 24-10-2020
With the Copaco VMware Cloud solution, our cloud partners can build virtual data centers for their end customers, hosted in data centers of their choice in the Netherlands and Belgium. This proposition has now been expanded with Copaco VMware Cloud - Site redundant
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