Introducing Surface Pro 7+
Geplaatst op 21-01-2021
Discover the new Surface Pro 7+ with the new 11th generation Intel processors and new devices supporting LTE. Experience faster multitasking, more unplugged power, and greater connectivity.
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On Demand Recovery offers extensive recovery and backup capabilities
Geplaatst op 19-12-2020
As organizations move more and more towards the cloud, the complexity surrounding AD recovery increases. It is important to understand how the built-in backup and recovery capabilities of Azure AD differ from those in an on-premise AD environment.
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Thank you for nominating us
Geplaatst op 17-12-2020
The Channel Awards are just around the corner. On the 28th of January we will find out who's efforts are rewarded. If we may suggest, you can support us by nominating Copaco into the final round.
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Free Copaco calendar 2021
Geplaatst op 16-11-2020
Request the Copaco calendar for free with all Belgian public holidays. Indispensable at your home office or that of your colleagues.
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Copaco VMware Cloud expanded with the “Site Redundant solution”
Geplaatst op 24-10-2020
With the Copaco VMware Cloud solution, our cloud partners can build virtual data centers for their end customers, hosted in data centers of their choice in the Netherlands and Belgium. This proposition has now been expanded with Copaco VMware Cloud - Site redundant
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WatchGuard adds Panda to portfolio
Geplaatst op 11-10-2020
With the acquisition of Panda Security earlier this year, the WatchGuard cybersecurity platform is now enhanced with Adaptive Defense 360, the next generation endpoint security solution, including traditional endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response capabilities, threat detection and more.
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Discover the new Surface Laptop Go and new updates to Surface Pro X
Geplaatst op 09-10-2020
Available for preorder today, Surface Laptop Go extends the Surface lineup by delivering standout design at a more affordable price.
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Channel Champs: A new inspiring online journey
Geplaatst op 23-09-2020
Join us for the most inspiring online journey for IT partners to date and prepare for a profitable future. This Channel Champs online learning program is completely in sync with your business and at your own rhythm.
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Hoe kunnen we u helpen?
Geplaatst op 21-09-2020
Persoonlijk contact is één van onze belangrijkste waarden. Raadpleeg onze directe telefoonnumers hieronder. Zo kunt u ons altijd rechtstreeks bereiken, wij staan klaar om u te helpen.
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Razendsnel filteren’ en nog 3 nieuwe en verbeterde functionaliteiten op
Geplaatst op 29-07-2020
Bij Copaco doen we er alles aan om het zakendoen u zo makkelijk en persoonlijk mogelijk te maken. Diverse online functionaliteiten zorgen ervoor dat u uw salesproces effectief inricht én meer marge maakt.
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