Why IT resellers should start selling video surveillance solutions today!

Thank you for showing interest in Copaco and our video surveillance solutions. You seem to be ready for this interesting and profitable product category! Start now and don’t miss any opportunity at your existing customer base.

Video surveillance whitepaper

All details on why you should take full advantage of this market potential can be read in our whitepaper “4 reasons why video surveillance is interesting to IT resellers”. Download it now to kick-start you video surveillance business!

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What are the main points to discover?

  • The video surveillance market is showing great growth figures in terms of size compared to traditional IT product groups
  • Because of digitalization surveillance products require more and more IT knowledge
  • Video surveillance has proven to be a profitable business
  • Storage of data (in the cloud) including video storage and increasing security awareness is an IT topic

Starting up the surveillance sales talk is easy since IP cameras are always visible at your customers’ premises. As you are in charge of the end user network, you can become the trusted advisor for connected cameras as well!

Copaco Smart surveillance

As an IT distributor Copaco has been on the forefront already for years as THE partner for IT specialists encountering video surveillance projects with end users. As this product category is changing rapidly and keeps growing in size, Copaco has invested in its portfolio with market leading brands and certified employees. Copaco’s Smart Surveillance department supports partners with expert advice, trainings, pre-sales activities and attractive stock and pricings.

Our current portfolio consists of: