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Do you know if your customer has ever wondered how many Office 365 licenses he / she has? Is every Office 365 license actually used and fully utilized? Are they aware how much of that money is wasted? 

It's a challenge to keep up to date with all Office 365 licenses. Quest can help with this.  

Why is Office 365 a challenge and why does it matter? 

  • To manage licenses efficiently and control costs, IT teams need to know who is assigned which licenses and whether those licenses are actually being used. 
  • However, Microsoft does not provide an in-depth, actionable view of the allocation and use of Office 365 licenses. 
  • As a result, organizations often pay more for licenses than they really need. 

How can On Demand License Management help? 

Quest On Demand License Management provides the complete understanding of Office 365 and Azure AD licenses you need to ensure optimal license utilization and accelerate daily management and reporting tasks. You can easily: 

  • See how many Office 365 and Azure AD licenses you have and who they are assigned to - for all your tenants. 
  • Determine how many users are allowed to use the Office 365 services. 
  • Understand the costs of unused and underutilized licenses and assess whether a new licensing plan should be developed. 
  • Understand trends, estimate future licensing costs, and make informed decisions to support organizational change. 

In addition, Quest offers On Demand Group Management. 

On Demand Group Management provides greater security and control over on-premise, Azure AD and Office 365 groups that will be created when organizations shift their focus from personal to remote collaboration using Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. 

Easily enforce rules when groups are created. Ensure groups meet standard names, have clear ownership for a set purpose, and allow users to securely create and manage groups while reducing IT dependency.


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