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Opportunity Registration Program Public Sector Program

Opportunity Registration Program (ORP)

The Opportunity Registration Program (ORP) is an incentive program that rewards partners who are first to identify opportunities, independently add value via their services for end customers, and close deals.

A standardized, neutral registration process accounts for all relevant presales activities. Partners can pursue new business with the confidence that their successful efforts will be rewarded.

Public Sector Prgram 2022

The mySchneider IT Solutions Partner Program provides competitive pricing for our Partners selling to public sector end users. This program provides access to an extensive variety of sales, marketing, training, and support resources, making it easier for
partners, specialising in the public sector.

Discover APC's Opportunity Registration Program (ORP)

Program Objectives
ORP boosts partners’ profitability by incentivising them to put presales resources towards new business with Schneider Electric solutions including APC products. Customer interactions, including work leading up to deals and services delivered by each partner, are recorded under a neutral registration process. Approved opportunities remain registered over a six-month window and lead to special discounts.

Program Benefits

  • Financial advantages for partners bringing in new Scheider Electric business opportunities
  • Improved partner profitability
  • Protection of partners' investments in presales and service delivery to end customers
  • Streamlined cooperation between partners and Schneider Electric as soon as an opportunity is identified

10% off Education projects with APC's Public Sector Program 2022

To aid our Partners selling to public sector end users, we are currently offering up to 10% of all public sector opportunities for Registered partner status or above into mySchneider IT Solutions Partner Program, through your preferred Schneider Electric Distributor.


  • Support partners selling into the competitive and fragmented public sector marketplace
  • Help partners maintain healthy margins
  • Stock availability locally
  • Aid differentiate partners that invest and specialize in public sector, with improved engagement & discounts