Copaco's solutions for cloud productivity

User productivity is key to achieving the end results an organization seeks to accomplish. The less time a user spends learning about a tool or dealing with unneeded complexity, the more time they are getting productive work done.

Work from any place from any device with Microsoft Windows365, Azure Virtual Desktop or Awingu.  But which is the best fit for my customer?  Use Nerdio for easy management of W365 or AVD environments.

Simplify a user's workplace with Workspace365, providing a personalized experience for a happier work-life.

Quick adoption of new Microsoft365 features with WorkplaceBuddy, increasing productivity and reduce impact on the helpdesk.

Make the company paperless with PDF solutions from Foxit. Create and sign contracts and agreements digitally with DocuSign or Foxit.

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Microsoft Windows 365 vs Azure Virtual Desktop

Choose the right option for secure hybrid work

Windows 365 is a complete software-as-a-service ( SaaS) solution that streams a personalized, secure and scalable Windows experience to any device.  It’s designed for simplicity – no virtual desktop infrastructure ( VDI ) expertise required.
Azure Virtual Desktop is a cloud VDI platform that securely delivers virtual desktops and remote apps with maximum flexibility and control.  It offers additional capabilities such as multisession desktops, consumption-based pricing and Citrix and VMware integration.

When Windows 365?  When Azure Virtual Desktop?

Our partner Nerdio has created a guide on how to choose between Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop, from a business perspective.

Windows 365

·         Seat-based subscription

·         Fixed price per month

·         Single User Desktop

·         Simple web-based provisioning

·         Azure AD management only

·         Optimized for smaller customers

·         300 user limit

 Azure Virtual Desktop

·         Azure Consumed Revenue

·         Pay-as-you-go

·         Multi User Desktop & App
          Single User Desktop & App

·         Microsoft Endpoint Manager-based

·         Full MEM manageability

·         Support for on-premises management


Nerdio Manager for MSP

Multi-tenant Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 Deployment, Management, and Optimization Platform for Managed Service Providers.

Automatically provision a complete AVD or Windows 365 environment in a few hours or connect to an existing environment in minutes.

Manage all your clients in a single pane of glass admin portal - without the need for an experienced Azure engineer – and eliminating the possibility of human error.

Save up to 75% on Microsoft Azure compute and storage costs using Nerdio’s Advanced Auto-scaling capabilities.


Customer Deployment Scenarios

Workspace 365

Empowering people who make a difference.

A digital workplace that adapts to your role and situation. Give front-line and home workers a personalised and simple experience.

  • Improve the Digital Employee Experience
  • Simplify work processes and software adoption
  • Increase employee retention by providing a happier work-life


What is Workspace 365?

Workspace 365 is a digital workplace that automatically adapts to your role and environment: all your applications, information, intranet and communications.

What does Workspace 365 do?

Deliver a personalised workspace for the people who do the important work. Make it easy for them to focus on their primary tasks.

  • All types of applications, communication and information
  • Automatically optimised for each device
  • Secure workplace with one login to all applications
  • Replace or reduce remote desktop costs
  • All documents in one user-friendly overview


The leading, cost-effective alternative to Adobe Acrobat that has already convinced more than 425,000 companies worldwide.

Why Foxit?

  • Make your company paperless
  • Conversion
      • Compression
      • OCR
      • Redaction
      • Compilation
  • Cost savings (one-third the price of comparable Adobe licenses!)
  • Choose between permanent licenses and annual subscriptions
  • Foxit licenses are not tied to individual users (no named user licenses)
  • User-friendly interface (ribbon-style toolbar like in Microsoft Office)
  • 24/7 support by phone, chat, email or ticket, all answered 24/7 by a real person with fast turnaround. 

Foxit eSign

Foxit eSign is a legally-binding eSign service to prepare and gather important signed documents.


Foxit PDF editor

Foxit PDF Editor enables you to quickly and easily create professional-looking PDF documents, and also features sophisticated security measures.
Download Datasheet.


Foxit PDF Editor Pro

Foxit PDF Editor Pro enables you to quickly and easily create professional-looking PDF documents, and also features advanced editing capabilities, and sophisticated security measures.


Foxit PDF Editor Pro +

Foxit PDF Editor Pro+ provides users a cost-effective, business-ready solution to securely work with PDF documents and forms. With its enterprise functionality, integration, and mass deployment capabilities, combined with its affordability, it makes a great alternative to evaluate when yearly subscriptions of existing PDF solutions expire.




Without agreements, companies stand still: they cannot hire employees or sell products/services. In many companies, however, the handling of agreements is unnecessarily complicated due to outdated systems and manual processes.
For anyone who has ever had to wait for a contract to be signed, struggled with inefficient outdated technology or spent hours trying to find specific clauses in old contracts, we now have the solution.

With DocuSign you ensure that agreements are concluded in a faster, easier and more affordable way.



Microsoft's products and especially the Microsoft 365 products are constantly being improved and renewed. It is often difficult for organisations to adopt these innovations. As a result, productivity remains unused, so adoption is important. Training courses are useful, but are temporary and, certainly for large organisations, costly.

WorkplaceBuddy is the answer! WorkplaceBuddy is a solution that personally guides employees through the adoption of Microsoft 365. With this addition, you can accelerate the adoption process of Microsoft 365 with your customers, so that they achieve a faster ROI.


What are the benefits?

  1. Increased user productivity.
  2. Greater user satisfaction.
  3. Reduction of support questions to the IT partner.


For employees, the workplace is a digital working environment. Once logged in, they find all the applications and data they need. Awingu provides such a digital work environment, giving users secure access to legacy, web and SaaS applications and files from anywhere, on any device, using any web browser.

The advantages of Awingu

  1. Anywhere access:

Wherever your employees are, they can access company software and documents from any device, making it easier than ever to work from home or remotely, possibly with their own device.

  1. Any device:

Users can securely access their business applications and data from any device: an Apple iPad, a Windows 11 device, an IGEL thin client, a Google Chromebook, etc. There is also no longer a need for IT departments to manage these devices.

  1. Cost effective:

The Awingu solution is more cost-effective compared to an existing Citrix environment, which are generally considered relatively expensive. In addition, you save time by reducing the number of support tickets, and your IT department can plan their time more productively.

Quest Unified Endpoint Management

Discover, manage and secure your evolving hybrid workforce environment.

Streamline complex endpoint management tasks and gain greater control of every endpoint in your environment. Enroll and co-manage your devices using both modern and traditional methods and gain peace of mind that every endpoint is accounted for, updated and secured. As your hybrid workforce evolves, a unified endpoint management strategy gives you the flexibility you need to continue with traditional management while you also implement modern endpoint management best practices.


Keep track of every type of endpoint in your environment, co-manage your devices using either modern or traditional methods, and ensure comprehensive endpoint security for your hybrid workforce.

Enroll and inventory corporate or employee-owned devices and proactively manage them alongside laptops, computers, servers, noncomputer devices and internet-of-things technologies using a single console.

Automate and minimize your team’s management effort with an easy-to-use interface that offers powerful functionality to ensure your endpoints are properly tracked, configured, secured and compliant.

Enhance security using discovery, inventory and patch management for all endpoints. Minimize risk by easily locating or wiping any lost or stolen mobile device.