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New! Easy to order warranty extensions via Copaco.com
Placed date 09-07-2021
We do everything in our power to make it as easy as possible for our partner to place an order on Copaco.com. We are constantly working on improvements and new functionalities. Starting now, it will be possible to directly purchase a warranty extension for a large number of products in our webshop. For this you do not need to involve our colleagues from the Contact Centre.
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Copaco expands its portfolio
Placed date 22-06-2021
Copaco is expanding its portfolio with Denver Electronics. Denver started importing radios and TVs in 1990. They have expanded with tablets, bluetooth speakers, action cameras, alarm systems, e-books, drones and much more. Denver offers ideal price opportunities for you as a reseller.
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Become a Dynabook partner and discover the advantages
Placed date 02-06-2021
Do you want to boost your sales? Then become a partner of Dynabook. Because with Dynabook we put you first. They focus on personal service and support that will bring tangible improvements to your business. That way Dynabook can tailor everything specifically to you as a reseller with professionals who are always ready to help you. The partner programme offers strong advantages, giving you exclusive access to support for:
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Trust presents IRIS: The future of Conference
Placed date 28-04-2021
Razor sharp image quality, astonishing audio performance and maintaining a safe distance during an online conference. Trust makes it all possible with the new revolutionary IRIS. Do you want to learn more? Enroll now for our webinar and discover all the ins and outs of IRIS.
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New at Copaco - Foxit
Placed date 19-03-2021
The PDF solutions by Foxit Software are now also available at Copaco.
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Placed date 29-01-2021
Thanks to all voters for this great recognition. We are very happy and this pushes us to do even better!
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Introducing Surface Pro 7+
Placed date 21-01-2021
Discover the new Surface Pro 7+ with the new 11th generation Intel processors and new devices supporting LTE. Experience faster multitasking, more unplugged power, and greater connectivity.
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On Demand Recovery offers extensive recovery and backup capabilities
Placed date 19-12-2020
As organizations move more and more towards the cloud, the complexity surrounding AD recovery increases. It is important to understand how the built-in backup and recovery capabilities of Azure AD differ from those in an on-premise AD environment.
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Copaco VMware Cloud expanded with the “Site Redundant solution”
Placed date 24-10-2020
With the Copaco VMware Cloud solution, our cloud partners can build virtual data centers for their end customers, hosted in data centers of their choice in the Netherlands and Belgium. This proposition has now been expanded with Copaco VMware Cloud - Site redundant
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WatchGuard adds Panda to portfolio
Placed date 11-10-2020
With the acquisition of Panda Security earlier this year, the WatchGuard cybersecurity platform is now enhanced with Adaptive Defense 360, the next generation endpoint security solution, including traditional endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response capabilities, threat detection and more.
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