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  • New in the range: Panasonic Scanning, Mid and high volume portfolio

    Do you want your customer to experience the ease of use of Panasonic? Then use Panasonics Try & Buy Promo!

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  • Copaco adds Milesight video surveillance products to product range

    Instantaneously, Copaco has added Milesight’s products to its assortment. With the Milesight portfolio, which consists of high-quality video surveillance solutions, Copaco’s specialized offer for this market is further expanded.

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  • Extra margin with Microsoft CSP

    Microsoft has changed the conditions relating the incentives within the CSP model. Where previously only partners with a so-called Microsoft management status were eligible for extra income based on the CSP turnover, all Microsoft partners now qualify for this extra income.

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  • Let’s talk USB-C

    USB Type C, or USB-C for short, is the next generation of USB connector: smaller, faster and more versatile. Now users can charge their laptops or phones with a single cable that delivers power, video and data. Simple! But with new technology comes new risks. USB-C performance varies widely, so there are pitfalls for even tech-savvy customers to navigate.

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  • Press Release: One Smart Control, a new range of Copaco

    Copaco now extends its range with the products and services of One Smart Control, a manufacturer of innovative and modular smart home technology for both consumers and health care institutions.

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