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    Pay per use

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    Your goods are protected and insured as standard


    You can always count on our knowledge and expertise

    Logistic Services at Copaco

    For many companies, logistics is an essential component within the ‘supply chain’. An efficiently organised logistical process reduces your costs and increases customer satisfaction. Working with Copaco Logistic Services you will gain an experienced partner and benefit from our optimised logistical process. We offer you expert advice and full support related to warehousing, transport and value added logistics.

    This is what you can count on, as a partner to Copaco Logistic Services:

    Pay per use: you only pay for what you effectively use

    Reliable: your goods are both protected and insured as standard

    Expertise: you can always count on our knowledge and expertise

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    White paper: ‘Logistics: in-house or outsourced?’

    In this free white paper ‘Logistics: in-house or outsourced?’ you’ll read about which options online shops have when it comes to setting up the logistics process in-house, or outsourcing it. We also explain how the demand for a customized logistics process is growing. After reading this white paper, you’ll know in which situations outsourcing the logistics process is the best option. And we’ll elaborate on how you can find the right partner for this and how a specialized logistics service provider can support you.

    Request the white paper for free and we’ll send it to your mailbox!

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    Our Logistic Services

    Logistic Fulfilment

    Logistic Fulfilment

    You sell, we deliver

    You sell, we deliver: that’s what Logistic Fulfilment at Copaco is all about. Once you have sold a product you will want this to be supplied to your customer as efficiently as possible. And there is more involved than you may think. That’s why it’s a smart decision to put your logistical process in Copaco’s hands. In doing so you can focus on sales and we will take care of the logistics.

    We will check your purchases and store them in our warehouse. These products are then automatically both protected and insured. We guarantee reliable stock levels thanks to regular stocktaking. We can also help you with temporary storage. This can be help if, for example, you need some extra capacity in the short term in order to benefit from special bids.

    Have you sold a product to your customer? Then we will take care of the logistics. Our Order Pickers will set to work and ensure that the products are packed correctly and given a packing note. Your customers will then be able to trace the order using Track & Trace.

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    Value added logistics

    Value Added Logistics

    Adding value to your logistical process

    In addition to Logistic Fulfilment, Copaco also offers Value Added Logistics. This allows you to add extra value to your orders. In doing so it is possible to e.g. repack, label, combine and brand your products. We can therefore send products to your customers with e.g. your specific company packaging and add any further documentation. Another option is for us to scan serial numbers and organise special deliveries. The fact that we carry out such operations ourselves from our distribution centre means we can guarantee quality and efficiency in all projects great and small!

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    Reverse logistics

    Reverse Logistics

    No worries when it comes to returns

    Your customers will appreciate knowing that products can be returned easily and reliably. For small and medium-sized companies it is certainly a complicated and costly process to manage returns. With Copaco as your partner you will have no need to worry: we can take the entire process off your hands.

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    Copaco, your partner in Logistic Services

    As a partner to Copaco Logistic Services you can focus on selling your products and we will handle the logistical process for you. Copaco is the only distributor to seamlessly combine its role as a distributor of ICT solutions and supporting ICT services with an extensive package of logistical services.

    In short, as your partner Copaco will guide and support you and reduce your workload. This means that you can position yourself as flexible and scalable in the market and do not need to worried about your logistical process.

    Keen to know what else Copaco Logistic Services can do for you? Get in touch now or send us your details and we will be happy to get back to you.

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