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Reap benefits with APC's health & education promotions
Placed date 16-06-2022
See more of APC's new Opportunity Registration Program or competitive pricing for public sector solutions. Up to 10% off on all Education projects!
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Offer a more complete business range with ACT's connectivity products
Placed date 31-05-2022
ACT provides a complete range of cabling, enclosures and accessories for the IT and AV market. With ACT, you as an IT reseller can put together a more complete business offer.
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Simplify your life with Hisense
Placed date 23-05-2022
Copaco and Hisense strongly believe that developments in the IT industry should make life easier for your end users. Hisense's goal is to make the latest technologies accessible to everyone through thoughtfully and expertly built products. Everything Hisense makes is designed with your end customer in mind. Hisense continues to push the boundaries of innovation.
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Intelligent solutions for hybrid working with Trust products
Placed date 09-05-2022
As most of us are returning to our offices, it turns out that the windows are in need of a lapping, the plants are dried out and a lot of equipment is missing.... Suddenly we have two work environments instead of one, and much has been left behind at home. Plus, with all those online meetings, the need for quality video conferencing equipment is greater than ever. Every employee deserves to have their say, no matter where they are. In addition, the switch between home and office requires secure and sustainable solutions.
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New at Copaco: XP-Pen
Placed date 22-03-2022
XP-Pen, professional and reliable supplier of graphic tablets, pen display monitors, stylus pens and more digital graphical products, is now available at Copaco.
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Featured at Copaco: the Samsung 980 PRO and the T7 Touch to transfer documents at lightspeed
Placed date 14-03-2022
Where the T7 excels in being portable when you are on the way to a client or for travelling, the SSD 980 PRO is perfect for hardcore gamers. Fast, reliable and easy to install. Read the specifications for each product group with additional explanations on this page.
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Microsoft Teams certified accessories highlighted for you to work hybridly
Placed date 05-03-2022
The new Microsoft Teams accessories products. Whether you work at home or in the office, using these accessories has become a regular part of the work environment for many.
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New at Copaco: we’ve made buying additional warranties easier!
Placed date 07-02-2022
While purchasing in our web shop, it’s now possible for most brands to immediately enter the data of the end user and possible hardware. That way, we won’t have to ask for these details afterwards.
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Microsoft 365 NCE: Promotions & advice
Placed date 04-02-2022
Learn more about the Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE) model and the M365 price increase.
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18% of Microsoft licenses purchased are not allocated
Placed date 19-01-2022
Microsoft is increasing monthly fees for most Office 365 and Microsoft 365 subscriptions effective March 1, 2022. The net effect is an increase between 9 and 25%.
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