New at Copaco – DocuSign

The solutions from the leader in electronic signatures are now available at Copaco.

Without agreements, companies stand still: they cannot hire employees or sell products/services. In many companies, however, the handling of agreements is unnecessarily complicated due to outdated systems and manual processes.
For anyone who has ever had to wait for a contract to be signed, struggled with inefficient outdated technology or spent hours trying to find specific clauses in old contracts, we now have the solution.

With DocuSign you ensure that agreements are concluded in a faster, easier and more affordable way.

DocuSign eSignature:
You will find agreements everywhere, from contracts and job offers to registration forms and invoices. Paper-based agreement handling decreases productivity, slows business results, and potentially creates legal and compliance risks. With a paper-dependent signing process and all the printing, scanning, faxing and retyping that comes with it, companies spend about 33 euros extra per agreement. Companies need a modern way to do all their business digitally, reliably and securely.

DocuSign eSignature is a fast and secure method to send, track and sign agreements whenever, wherever and on a variety of devices. eSignature is part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud and can be linked to other DocuSign solutions that accelerate the processing of agreements, both before and after signing.

DocuSign Agreement Cloud:
The Agreement Cloud is the best way to do business easier and faster thanks to better agreement handling. The Agreement Cloud includes a set of solutions that save you time and resources, close agreements faster, and improve the experience for everyone involved. Today, more than 500,000 customers in over 180 countries use DocuSign products to simplify and streamline time-consuming processes, to delight their own customers and to conduct business successfully.

Why do people choose DocuSign?

The advantages of DocuSign are listed below.


  • Most applications - Over a dozen applications for the entire deal process
  • Highest level of integration - DocuSign has developed more than 350 integration modules for commonly used systems
  • Award-winning API - Customers have developed over 1000 Integration Modules for customised applications
  • Multiple languages - Used in 188 countries with support for multiple languages.


  • Reputation as a pioneer -Developer of eSignature and over 750 product innovations
  • Unmatched technologies - Leader in productivity, security, privacy and international coverage
  • Unique blend of scale and focus - The industry's largest organisation for designing, shipping and supporting contract technologies
  • Compliance with eIDAS Regulation - DocuSign is the only international solution for managing the entire lifecycle of agreements that is on the EU's Trusted List as a Qualified Trust Service Provider


  • More than 475,000 customers - including the largest banks, pharmaceutical companies and tech companies
  • Hundreds of millions of signatories - the international standard for eSignature in over 180 countries
  • Net Promoter Score of 66 - a score matched only by the world's best-loved brands
  • European presence - DocuSign has 3 data centers for data storage in Europe. There are 500 employees in France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Ireland.